Laying tiles

Внутренние работы на стройке / ремонте

Tiling works

The company performs tile work at a reasonable price with decent quality. Tiling is a difficult job when doing repairs. When you do this kind of work yourself, the situation becomes more complicated, which can contribute to a long repair.


List of work

Removing the old tiles;
Preparation of the surface;
Preparation of mortar or adhesive composition;
Installing new tiles of different types and sizes;
Grouting joints.
In addition to the basic types of services listed above, the client may receive the following types of work, depending on the existing condition of the room:

Finishing with tile on the walls, floor;
Installation of tiles of non-standard type;
Porcelain tiles;
Finishing of glass and ceramic mosaics;
Installing the edge of the tiles;
Tile skirting;
Drilling holes in tiles of different diameters.
Providing our services, we use only modern materials, strictly following the technology. That is why the finish achieves high strength characteristics.

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