Строительство, реконструкция и ремонт домов в Николаеве

Строительство и реконструкция домов

Famous buildings have their own history, and inevitably require, if necessary, restoration. It is a national pride, it will not be overgrown by people’s path, streams of tourists from all corners of the world will visit it. As time passes, such a building should be restored, restored Regularly it is necessary to carry out its repair, and not necessarily capital. Houses that are a hundred or more years old are often restored, even those in which famous people live.

One of the priority activities of Artel-Stroy LLC is the construction of buildings as well as their repair and restoration. To carry out construction and restoration work you need the following set of services:

1. research work for restoration.
2. Development of the required project documentation for repair and restoration work.
3. Repair and restoration of known buildings.
4. Possible re-profiling of the buildings, increase of its number of floors. If necessary, the replacement of the spans and ceilings.
5. Complete replacement of engineering communications.
6. Restoration of the surrounding area.

Complete or partial reconstruction of public and residential buildings

Public buildings of historical value should be restored first of all because they attract crowds of tourists. Also such buildings represent the architecture of the city and are its symbol. Also such building should be used for its intended purpose. A striking example of this is the Opera House in Odessa. In the theater, for example, after the reconstruction the interior of the building is preserved, its appearance. The appearance of the building or its exterior should not change architecturally.

The main stages of restoration and repair work are

1. A complete survey of the building is made. Here it is important to establish the current condition of the building. To this end, a full range of technical studies is carried out, including the condition of the structural elements, ceilings and load-bearing walls, analysis of communications and engineering equipment. The complete state of the building is given. Based on the results of the survey a project is formed and some or other design decisions are made.
2. Direct development of the project and its coordination with the customer. Designing for reconstruction doesn’t differ from design before construction of a new object. The project includes all required technical data and drawings, a plan of necessary construction works. A separate estimate of future work is attached. Before you approve the project documentation, it is necessary to coordinate it with the relevant licensing authorities. After all approvals is made detailed plan.
3. Preparation of the building for restoration work. Two problems are solved simultaneously: first of all, the building is converted from an existing facility into a construction one. All the communications and possibly the floor slabs are dismantled. Also specialists work at the site and study in detail each room of the building.
4. Laying of communications, rough work. Bearing structures are reinforced, room layout is changed according to the project, all communications are partially or completely changed. All works of the project are carried out in full.
5. Finishing. After this stage the object acquires its original appearance. The facade of the restored building becomes young for many years. Possible installation of facade lighting.

Restoration of separate parts of the building

Stage in terms of reconstruction is very important. It is necessary to preserve the historical appearance of the object. It is important that the facade of the building remains the same, only renovated, as it was one hundred years ago. There should be no innovations. All the decorative elements of the building’s facade must be fully preserved.

As for the restoration and renovation of residential buildings, it is important not only to preserve their external appearance, but also to improve the living conditions of the occupants. The historic interior should remain unchanged, but the engineering communications, for example, should be replaced with the most modern ones.

Restoration work requires not only knowledge and experience, but also painstaking work. Fundamental both historical and theoretical knowledge is required. The presence of all these factors will make the restoration of the object of high quality. Over time, the importance of the restoration of objects of historical significance will only increase. New modern technologies will make the restoration work of maximum quality. The company LLC “Artel-Stroy” is the leading in Nikolaev, and in the region, it is recognized as the leader in the construction and restoration services. Thanks to the introduction of modern technologies it is possible to carry out restoration work with pinpoint accuracy. All parts are restored and retain their appearance for a long time.

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“Artel-Stroy” – a construction company in Nikolaev

LLC “Artel-Stroy” performs a complex of construction works from “A” to “Z”. Our company provides services in the construction industry since 2001. During this time we collected the best professionals, masters of their craft, who will help you build your own house and turn the wildest dreams into reality. The entire company has a wealth of experience in construction and installation work.

Construction services in Nikolaev

Our team is guaranteed to meet the goals and objectives within the deadlines, observing all the rules and regulations of modern construction.

The company LLC “Artel-Stroy” performs various general construction works, such as:

foundation construction
metalwork fabrication and installation
welding work
construction and installation works
roofing work
wiring work
all kinds of internal works
plasterboard installation
facing works
facade works
cost estimating and design works
Diamond drilling and diamond concrete cutting new
Supply of metal tiles, rainwater systems, decking, PVC windows and doors
Supply of special tools (mini-excavators, screed robots)
Special Equipment Services
Supply and installation of sectional doors
Also our company performs installation and maintenance of all types of automatic gates, rolling shutters, turnstiles and barriers, as well as plastic windows and doors.

Our experts in the shortest possible time will organize the work of the necessary units of our company at your construction site, quickly performing complex technical tasks. We are trusted by big business, so among our clients are such companies as Nibulon, Fozzy Group, Nova Posta


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