Оздоблювальні роботи

Оздоблювальні роботи

For each person, his apartment or house, is the place where he wants to spend time pleasantly and feel the most comfortable and cozy. Therefore, the finishing work should correspond to those design solutions that will suit your individual taste. To achieve the desired results, you need to consider everything: the right choice of materials used for finishing floors, walls and ceilings, as well as decorative elements and lighting solutions that will certainly play a role in the overall picture of repair.

Finishing work by our Company’s specialists begins with the ceiling. The ceiling is the most visible part of the interior. In the company LLC “Artel Stroy” the ceiling finishing works, as well as other types of works are fulfilled only by highly qualified specialists. As for floor finishing works, at present there is a huge choice of both laminate and hardwood flooring. The specialists at Artel Stroy LLC will always help you to choose the best materials at the best price. One more, probably the most extensive stage of finishing works, is the finishing of walls. For finishing walls we use different kinds of wallpaper, such as: vinyl, paper, glass wallpaper, relief wallpaper, textile, cork, liquid wallpaper.

Repair and decoration work is carried out by professional experts with extensive experience. Very popular nowadays is the use of all kinds of decorative paints and coatings, including Venetian plaster and decorative plaster. In bathrooms, corridors, living rooms are often used in addition to tiles and mosaics, various decorative panels, stones and much more. You can be assured of high quality repair and finishing work of Artel Stroy LLC.

LLC “Artel-Stroy” performs interior finishing works of apartments, country houses and cottages, offices and commercial premises. Price for all types of work you can see in the section prices on our website, and after calling our specialist, we will prepare a detailed estimate with suggestions.

The company LLC “Artel-Stroy” happy to help you implement the construction and finishing works, taking into account all building codes, requirements and, of course, your wishes.

LLC “Artel-Stroy” also carries out construction and finishing work in the Nikolaev region. Our craftsmen have completed a huge number of different projects in Nikolaev and Mykolaiv region, they are apartments in new buildings, which are very relevant today, due to affordable prices and well-developed infrastructure, office and commercial space, premises of different purposes. If you need to perform finishing work in the Nikolaev region, you can safely contact our company.


The construction of an object always ends with finishing work: exterior and interior. These are works that give the building an aesthetic appearance. The quality of the finishing work depends on the material assessment of the entire building and how harmonious the entire structure will look.

Interior and exterior finishing works also perform a protective function. High-quality finishing has the ability to protect the entire structure from destruction, creates acoustics, natural ventilation, and also helps to improve natural lighting.

External finishing works protect the building from mechanical damage, temperature differences, high humidity, fungus and mold growth, corrosion, etc., as well as make the entire construction aesthetic.

All finishing works, performed by Artel-Stroy, are divided into categories:

Dismantling works.
In carrying out these works, dismantling of old windows and openings, pipes, floors, as well as cleaning walls and ceilings of old paint or wallpaper is performed.

Plastering work.
This is the finishing of the ceilings, as well as the walls, with various construction compounds. In order to level the walls and ceilings, plaster is used. To create certain textures, decorative and artistic plaster is used.

Painting work.
Painting is the application of varnishes or paints on a specially treated and prepared surface of walls and ceilings. Paint and varnish materials are divided into two categories: for exterior and interior work. Materials that are used for exterior work, protect the building from the effects of atmospheric phenomena, the internal, mostly used for decorative finishing.

Facing work.
Facing is the finishing of walls and ceilings with panels of natural or synthetic materials, cladding, as well as tiles. This type of work ensures compliance with hygienic norms and makes the premises aesthetic.

Wallpaper pasting works.
Wallpaper is the most popular type of decorative finishes. They are most often glued to walls and ceilings. Today the market offers a huge selection of wallpaper. There are many textures, colors, composition and quality: paper, fleece, vinyl, silk, etc. Before you glue wallpaper, you need to prepare the surface, treat it with primer.

Work on the flooring.
This type of work is the installation or laying of the selected type of flooring, as well as skirting boards. It can be parquet, laminate, flooring or cork board, linoleum, tile. This type of work also includes screed, sound and waterproofing, “warm floor”, etc.

Installation, installation of door and window openings.
This work shall be entrusted only to a professional so as not to spoil all the work done earlier. All the door and window frames are aligned strictly to prevent the doors from opening by themselves, and through the windows did not blow out the wind.

Plumbing work.
Plumbing work includes installing shower enclosures, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, toilets, pipes, water heaters, and water filters and meters.

Electrical work.
Here we can talk about laying new wiring and dismantling the old, installing switches and outlets, electric meters, ventilation, light fixtures and chandeliers,

Decorating and decorating.
This type of work – the final in the finishing. Decorating gives harmony and completeness to the whole object. Plaster molding on ceilings and walls, Venetian plaster, art painting, etc. will make your home unique.



“Artel-Stroy” – a construction company in Nikolaev

LLC “Artel-Stroy” performs a complex of construction works from “A” to “Z”. Our company provides services in the construction industry since 2001. During this time we collected the best professionals, masters of their craft, who will help you build your own house and turn the wildest dreams into reality. The entire company has a wealth of experience in construction and installation work.

Construction services in Nikolaev

Our team is guaranteed to meet the goals and objectives within the deadlines, observing all the rules and regulations of modern construction.

The company LLC “Artel-Stroy” performs various general construction works, such as:

foundation construction
metalwork fabrication and installation
welding work
construction and installation works
roofing work
wiring work
all kinds of internal works
plasterboard installation
facing works
facade works
cost estimating and design works
Diamond drilling and diamond concrete cutting new
Supply of metal tiles, rainwater systems, decking, PVC windows and doors
Supply of special tools (mini-excavators, screed robots)
Special Equipment Services
Supply and installation of sectional doors
Also our company performs installation and maintenance of all types of automatic gates, rolling shutters, turnstiles and barriers, as well as plastic windows and doors.

Our experts in the shortest possible time will organize the work of the necessary units of our company at your construction site, quickly performing complex technical tasks. We are trusted by big business, so among our clients are such companies as Nibulon, Fozzy Group, Nova Posta


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