Монолитное строительство в Николаеве

Монолитное строительство и бетонные работы

Economical consumption of materials such as raw materials, fuel, cement, metal, reduced consumption of resources, reduced costs in the construction and construction of buildings, all these are of paramount importance in construction. Not all of these goals can be achieved until you start using monolithic construction technology that solves all of the above problems. The construction of structural elements on the construction site from mixtures containing concrete, as well as the use of specialized forms is called monolithic construction. This type of construction dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, but although it has only now gained importance, it is still the most promising type of building construction. The monolithic construction is based on concrete and reinforced concrete, from which various constructions are created, for example walls, coverings, foundations and ceilings. In order to erect a monolithic construction, it is necessary to carry out processes that include: manufacture and development of formwork; manufacture and installation of reinforcement. There are three processes for the construction of monolithic reinforced concrete structures: the basic one (mounting and laying), transport and blanking. The preparatory process is the production of reinforcement and formwork elements, the preparation of concrete mix, as well as the assembly of reinforcement and formwork units. Installation of reinforcement and formwork in the designed position, placement and compaction of concrete mixture, reinforcement units, care of concrete during its hardening, dismantling of formwork, after the concrete has become strong enough, and, if possible, production of concrete mixture takes place on the construction site itself, and it all refers to the basic processes.  One of the key roles in this type of construction is the work that is associated with the formwork-an auxiliary structure that is placed for a period of time so that it provides the given dimensions and outline of the concrete structure or element of the structure, where the concrete mixture is placed. Later, the mixture hardens and becomes concrete. When the concrete has reached the desired strength, it is removed. Monolithic construction has a number of serious advantages and stands out markedly over other technologies: 1. The irrelevance of the step of the structure, in contrast to precast construction, in which all the structures are sized, which does not allow you to quickly change the shape of the construction equipment. 2. Lightness. Monolithic houses are about fifteen to twenty percent lighter than houses made of brick. By reducing the weight of the structure, reduced consumption of materials for the foundation, as well as cheaper foundation construction. 3. The construction turns out almost “seamless”. This feature increases the factor of sound and heat permeability. 4. The design gives an even settlement of the building in case of natural soil subsidence and prevents the formation of all kinds of cracks. 5. Construction of monolithic houses makes it possible to carry out almost any redevelopment. 6. Monolithic houses have a high rigidity of frame, which allows you to create high-rise buildings 6. Monolith, due to the method of construction of buildings, allows professionals and customers without much effort and large investments to modify the monolith, making it more beautiful: there may be rounded or oval shape houses, mansards, bay windows. However, exterior walls can be paneled, curtain walls and brick. This allows for interesting designs of interesting sketches . Summarizing the above, we can say that monolithic construction is very promising, economical and also has a lot of advantages over other construction technologies.

Concrete work

Description: Concrete work – this is the initial stage with which the construction of any object begins. The quality of the concrete mixture determines how strong and durable the entire building will be. It seems that in the preparation of concrete mixture there is nothing complicated. However, this process has a lot of subtleties and nuances. Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to professionals. Let’s look at what is made of concrete: cement and sand, in which crushed stone or gravel, as well as other additives are added. Depending on what work is necessary to perform, selects the appropriate grade of concrete, which can be obtained by changing the ratio of ingredients. To increase the strength of concrete, reinforcing materials, meshes or rebar are added. In order to increase the strength and improve the quality of concrete, various additives are added to it. The foundation of any building is the foundation. How long the house will serve, whether the walls will not crack and whether the structure will not shrink depends on its strength and strength. Company “Artel-Stroy” has the best professionals who perform a full range of concrete work in Nikolaev and Nikolaev region in the specified time. We offer to fill the strip and monolithic foundations, production and arrangement of formwork, reinforcing cage, as well as dismantling the formwork. 



“Artel-Stroy” – a construction company in Nikolaev

LLC “Artel-Stroy” performs a complex of construction works from “A” to “Z”. Our company provides services in the construction industry since 2001. During this time we collected the best professionals, masters of their craft, who will help you build your own house and turn the wildest dreams into reality. The entire company has a wealth of experience in construction and installation work.

Construction services in Nikolaev

Our team is guaranteed to meet the goals and objectives within the deadlines, observing all the rules and regulations of modern construction.

The company LLC “Artel-Stroy” performs various general construction works, such as:

foundation construction
metalwork fabrication and installation
welding work
construction and installation works
roofing work
wiring work
all kinds of internal works
plasterboard installation
facing works
facade works
cost estimating and design works
Diamond drilling and diamond concrete cutting new
Supply of metal tiles, rainwater systems, decking, PVC windows and doors
Supply of special tools (mini-excavators, screed robots)
Special Equipment Services
Supply and installation of sectional doors
Also our company performs installation and maintenance of all types of automatic gates, rolling shutters, turnstiles and barriers, as well as plastic windows and doors.

Our experts in the shortest possible time will organize the work of the necessary units of our company at your construction site, quickly performing complex technical tasks. We are trusted by big business, so among our clients are such companies as Nibulon, Fozzy Group, Nova Posta


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