“Artel-Stroy” – a construction company in Nikolaev

LLC “Artel-Stroy” performs a complex of construction works from “A” to “Z”. Our company provides services in the construction industry since 2001. During this time we collected the best professionals, masters of their craft, who will help you build your own house and turn the wildest dreams into reality. The entire company has a wealth of experience in construction and installation work.

Construction services in Nikolaev

Our team is guaranteed to meet the goals and objectives within the deadlines, observing all the rules and regulations of modern construction.

The company LLC “Artel-Stroy” performs various general construction works, such as:

foundation construction
metalwork fabrication and installation
welding work
construction and installation works
roofing work
wiring work
all kinds of internal works
plasterboard installation
facing works
facade works
cost estimating and design works
Diamond drilling and diamond concrete cutting new
Supply of metal tiles, rainwater systems, decking, PVC windows and doors
Supply of special tools (mini-excavators, screed robots)
Special Equipment Services
Supply and installation of sectional doors
Also our company performs installation and maintenance of all types of automatic gates, rolling shutters, turnstiles and barriers, as well as plastic windows and doors.

Our experts in the shortest possible time will organize the work of the necessary units of our company at your construction site, quickly performing complex technical tasks. We are trusted by big business, so among our clients are such companies as Nibulon, Fozzy Group, Nova Posta






Объекты строительной компании "Артель-Строй"

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Latest News

  • 10.03.2021

    Sales and installation of the recuperator

    Recuperator (from Latin recuperator – receiving back, returning) – in domestic ventilation, any of the devices transmitting the temperature of the air leaving the room to the incoming one.

    Supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery performs two tasks: the inflow of fresh air into the room and removing polluted air from it.

    Recuperators for ventilation are classified by the following types:




    By type of heat exchange device – reversible, crossflow (counterflow), direct flow, rotary (not used in domestic ventilation).
    By design…

  • 27.08.2018

    Diamond drilling

    Алмазная резка и алмазное сверление отверстий в бетоне, цена на которое к слову наименьшая в Николаеве, осуществляется нами при помощи алмазных технологий – что позволяет избежать лишнего шума и пыли благодаря конструкции инструмента — специальная система подачи воды охлаждает агрегат и убирает пыль, которая образуется при сверлении бетона. Некоторые инструменты для алмазного сверления бетона работают без подачи воды — в них для уборки пыли предназначены специальные пылеотсосы

  • 27.08.2018

    Sectional door

    Installation and mounting of automatic gates company “ARTEL STROY”. Installation and types of roller shutters. Installation of barriers. Types of barrier control. Installation of automatics for swing gates, sliding gates, installation and mounting of sectional gates, roller shutters for the garage, as well as the installation of barriers and security roller shutters.

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